Novelty 2024: MAGIA

DAVIDE GROPPI - We have always liked to think heretically, evoking mystery, magic and seduction.
Magia is the new modular suspension lighting system that can be adapted to suit
the different heights of the rooms and can generate direct and indirect light with the 360° adjustable module.
In this case, the lens is not used to focus, but to modify the vision and perception of the object.

  • Opening hours: AM 10-PM 7
  • Break time: PM 12-PM 1
  • Sun Off, Mon Reserved only
  • 기업은행 639-019498-01-010
  • 예금주: (주)라인테이스트
  • Company 라인테이스트
    CEO 장재영
    Reg. no. 120-87-94986
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    Address 서울 서초구 양재천로 103-2 (학림빌딩)
    Tel. 02-566-1974