Novelty 2023: VIS À VIS

DAVIDE GROPPI - Ten years after the presentation of our first battery-operated lamp,
we wanted to add a new idea of wireless light, remaining unique and innovative. Once again,we decided to
take away, seeking only the light. A transparent lamp is born, made of truth and beauty.
Our mission is to help people see the best in themselves through the art and experience of fashion photography.

  • Opening hours: AM 10-PM 7
  • Break time: PM 12-PM 1
  • Sun Off, Mon Reserved only
  • 기업은행 639-019498-01-010
  • 예금주: (주)라인테이스트
  • Company 라인테이스트
    CEO 장재영
    Reg. no. 120-87-94986
    Online Reg. no. 제2020-서울서초-4054호
    Address 서울 서초구 양재천로 103-2 (학림빌딩)
    Tel. 02-566-1974